Phenome 2018 speakers, sessions, and workshop topics

Join us this February in Tucson, AZ at Phenome 2018 – the nexus of technology, data, plant biology, and community! Register now at

The Phenome 2018 organizers welcome abstracts from researchers across the phenomics space, including plant biologists, engineers, data and computer scientists, ecologists, agronomists, breeders, and our many allies.

Learn more about the exciting Phenome 2018 sessions on Plantae:

Also, make sure to check out the special interviews with the Phenome 2018 “Pheatured” Speakers: Sindhuja Sankaran (Washington State University), Wolfgang Busch (Salk Institute), Sierra Nicole Young (University of Illinois), and Therese LaRue (Carnegie Institute).

Phenome 2018 will be held February 14–17, 2018, at the Tucson El Conquistador in Tucson, AZ. The meeting will bring together preeminent scientists from around the world to tackle big issues in global plant biology. Register now so that you can get up to date on current developments in phenomics and learn how phenomics fits into your research.

At Phenome 2018, a multidisciplinary community of plant biologists, ecologists, engineers, agronomists, computer scientists, and others will meet in a rich networking environment aimed at stimulating collaboration, innovation, and the initiation of multi-investigator and multi-institution projects.

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