Introductory plant biology video lecture series

Note: Sadly, these videos have been removed from public view. See more about this decision here

Have you been looking for high-quality, university-level introductory plant biology videos? There are not many available on topics other than photosynthesis and pollination. The University of California at Berkeley publishes videos from many of its course lectures on YouTube. One course of interest to plant biologists is the Introduction to Biology (Bio 1B) course.  The full course is in three parts and covers plant biology, as well as evolution and ecology – a playlist of all 43 recorded lectures is here. The plant biology lectures feature Professor Lewis Feldman, who has won several awards for teaching excellence.

FeldmanThis set of video lectures covers plant diversity, anatomy and development, water relations and nutrition, and they all have good sound and image quality. They are straightforward chalk talks covering the fundamental concepts covered in most introductory plant biology courses, and provide an excellent resource for students who want to review material or for use in flipped classrooms. I suspect these lectures will be of use to high school teachers as well.

Here are the 14 videos from the plant biology section:

Biology 1B – 2015-01-21: Introduction / Fungi
Biology 1B – 2015-01-23: Algae, Mosses, Lower Vascular Plants
Biology 1B – 2015-01-26: Ferns and Gymnosperms
Biology 1B – 2015-01-28: Angiosperms
Biology 1B – 2015-01-30: Angiosperms
Biology 1B – 2015-02-02: Cells, Tissues
Biology 1B – 2015-02-04: Roots, Structure and Development
Biology 1B – 2015-02-06: Shoots, Primary Structure
Biology 1B – 2015-02-09: Shoots, Secondary Structure
Biology 1B – 2015-02-11: Plant Growth Substances 1
Biology 1B – 2015-02-13: Plant Growth Substances 2
Biology 1B – 2015-02-18: Flowering
Biology 1B – 2015-02-20: Water Relations
Biology 1B – 2015-02-23: Water Relations, Mineral Nutrition, Fruit Development

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