Have you looked at ASPB journal articles through the LENS?

Have you explored LENS? It is a new way of viewing articles published by The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology (as well as other journals; this was designed originally for eLife articles).

LENS is a really useful way to read articles online. You can view an article using the LENS viewer by either clicking on View with LENS in the table of contents (see figure, left), or by clicking on the LENS icon from the article abstract page (see figure, right).Picture5

The LENS viewer displays articles as two columns. The left column displays the article’s text, and the right column displays other information. When you first open the article, the right column displays the outline (see figure below).


If you select Figures from the menu between the two columns, or you click on a Figure number in the article text, the right column displays the appropriate figure (see figure below).


If you select References from the menu between the two columns, or you click on an in-text hyperlinked reference, you’ll see references displayed in the right column, hyperlinked to their source.


All in all we think it’s a pretty useful way to read and interact with a journal article. What do you think? At the moment we’re offering the LENS viewer on a trial basis but will soon need to decide if we want to continue to offer (and pay for) this feature. Give it a try and let us know: Is this a feature you’d like to see continued for the ASPB journals?

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  1. I do like how it looks and it is nice to bring the figures up right next to the text in the results that is talking about that figure. Though my preference is still to download things into a reference manager/print out the pdf so I can write notes/doodle as I look things over.


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