Come visit us in VR!

We’ve been hard at work down here in North Carolina, laying the groundwork for our BLOOME project, “Widely Accessible Virtual Reality Exhibits and Workshops for Plant Biology Education.”

We’re on the doorstep of our first public release, a ‘teaser trailer’ of sorts. This is a virtual reality experience that will launch directly in your web browser (yes, the one you’re using right now) and take you away to a world of plant education and botanical exploration. Our team wants to share this with all of you in our BLOOME network before releasing it to the public later this week.

The beauty of this technology is its versatility; this site should work on any web-browsing device. Your desktop computer, a smartphone, a cutting-edge VR headset, or that ‘smart’ fridge you bought and haven’t found a use for other than to send 1 tweet three years ago. We hope this device-agnostic format will bring new audiences into VR for the first time.

If anyone has any feedback, excitement, or an interest in the workshop series we’ll carry out next year, don’t hesitate to contact me at or on Twitter @technobotanist

Again: Here is the site, enjoy!


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