The Plant Cell 30th Anniversary Collection:

Rethinking the Past and Shaping the Future of Plant Biology

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2019

In celebration of 30 years of publishing the best research in plant molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, we encourage authors to submit their most exciting new results for consideration for a special 30th Anniversary Collection on shaping the next 30 years of plant cell and developmental biology. The 30th Anniversary Collection will focus on the historic strengths of the journal, and articles in the area of molecular-mechanism directed cell and developmental biology are especially encouraged. This includes large-scale studies that demonstrate how genome-wide analyses can address fundamental questions of plant biology. We will be looking for ways in which these papers enlarge upon or change our concept of the molecular mechanisms underlying a biological process or phenomenon.

Submissions will be accepted from August 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. All articles chosen that are published in 2019 will form part of the 30th Anniversary Collection. Just add a note to your cover letter that you wish to have the submission considered for the 30th Anniversary Collection. All articles accepted into the collection will receive open access free of charge, and will be highlighted with an In Brief article and first author profiles.

The Anniversary Collection will also include a series of commentaries on classic papers published in The Plant Cell that opened up new areas of investigation or otherwise had a major impact on their field. Looking to the future, we have also invited reviews on genome- and informatics-enabled emerging model organisms that broaden our understanding of fundamental processes in plants, from the sub-cellular level to the field and from seconds or minutes to evolutionary time scales.

Submit your best work to The Plant Cell and help shape the future of plant biology!