Introducing: The Newly Revised Principles for Teaching Plant Biology

The 12 Principles of Plant Biology are a widely used resource for teaching and learning plant biology, especially within the K-12 educational community. On the eve of the 25th anniversary of their development, the Education Committee would like to share with you a revised, expanded set of Principles for Teaching Plant Biology.  What are the … Read more

Education and Outreach at Plant Biology 2017

Can art be used to teach elementary students that plants respond to environmental cues? How can museums make learning about plant evolution more fun? Does writing and editing Wikipedia articles increase student engagement in science writing? How can teachers use schoolyard woodlands to teach students about diversity? Can citizen science be used to demonstrate that … Read more

The Mentoring Relationship—A Two-Way Street

The Minority Affairs Committee luncheon began with an informal lunchtime discussion between faculty and students. As suggested by attendees of a previous year’s luncheon, the setup involved assigning several faculty to each table and allowing students and post-docs to fill the remaining seats. The room was abuzz with discussion for the first portion of the … Read more