ASPB Signs Letter Urging Support for the Highest Possible Funding Allocation for the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Bills for Fiscal Year 2022

ASPB is pleased to be a signee in support of the highest possible funding allocation (302(b)) for the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bills for fiscal year (FY) 2022.

In sum, the federal government has a unique role in funding the R&D crucial for our national needs, but the federal share of R&D spending remains at or near its lowest point since the 1950s.18 The CJS bill is singularly responsible for the majority of the nation’s annual investment in non-biomedical, non-defense research – the very research that is essential for our long-term economic growth, security, and prosperity.

Given the importance of federal support for R&D and the central role of the CJS Subcommittees in funding the nation’s research enterprise, we respectfully urge you and your colleagues to provide a robust CJS 302(b) allocation. With sufficient resources, the Subcommittees will be able to make the R&D investments necessary to meet our nation’s challenges and opportunities.

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