ASPB Signs Letter Supporting $11.5 billion of Funding to Support America’s Agricultural Research Infrastructure

ASPB is pleased to be a signee in support of funding of $11.5 billion to support America’s agricultural research infrastructure. 

As you consider new initiatives to support rural America and investments in the agricultural economy, we strongly urge you to include a federal agricultural research infrastructure investment of $11.5 billion over a period of five years at U.S. colleges of agriculture. Such an investment is necessary to advance the critical work being done at institutions across the country to support American jobs, recruit a diversity of talent for the agricultural science pipeline, address our climate challenges, and ensure ongoing U.S. leadership in food and agricultural innovation.

This investment would reposition the United States for long-term success in food and agricultural research, education, and Extension, accelerate rural and urban economic recovery, achieve more diversity and equity in agriculture, and create the next-generation infrastructure needed to address the food and production challenges of feeding a growing world population.

Read the Full Letter Here

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