We heard you: Naming the new online platform for the plant science community – Round Two

shutterstock_215819920This past February, we asked for ideas to name the new online home for the plant science community (due to launch this summer) that we are building in partnership with the Global Plant Council.

Our community’s creativity was amply demonstrated in the great ideas we received. We reduced the initial list to the most viable options (i.e., those with available URLs and without trademark or copyright issues, etc.), and then we presented those options for a vote.

Voting results from Round One:

  1. PlantConnect.org: PlantConnect – the Plant Science Community
  2. Plantae.org: Plantae – The Plant Science Community
  3. PlantCommons.org: Plant Commons – the Plant Science community
  4. PlantScienceX.org OR thePSX.org: Plant Science Exchange
  5. PlantID.org: PlanTID – Plant Science Tools, Ideas, and Discussions

You speak; we listen!

With over 800 responses, we had quite the turnout. (Thank you!) But we also received a large number of comments encouraging us to be more creative and visionary with the names we were considering, along with many additional suggestions.

Comments included:

“All of them sound drab and unimaginative 🙁 Do we want non-plant biologists to think we plant researchers have no imagination and/or linguistic skills?…”

“Why not go with something less generic that reflects the function of the site as a point of growth and development…”

“None of these are inspiring. The top two are OK and at least convey what the platform is about…”

“It’s really hard to say, none of these are particularly appealing.”

And so here is what we are going to do . . .

We are opening up a second round of voting that includes the top three results from Round One, along with the new list of potential names based on your input:

New names:

Plantform.org: The Online Platform for Plant Scientists
IamPlantSci.org: I Am Plant Science

Top three from Round One:

PlantConnect.org: PlantConnect – the Plant Science Community
Plantae.org: Plantae – The Plant Science Community
PlantCommons.org: Plant Commons – the Plant Science community

Back to you!

Now it’s your turn (again). Please take a moment to complete the survey and provide your choice by Tuesday, April 28th at midnight EST.

And thank you so much for your engagement!

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30 thoughts on “We heard you: Naming the new online platform for the plant science community – Round Two”

  1. Plantform.org sounds better to me.

    Since it would provide a broader platform in combination with global plant council hence, plantform.org makes better sense.

  2. Some commenters are concerned that plant biologists come up with different ideas than outreach professionals do (and note that we are amused by particular linguistic jokes). I can offer a datum on what PR people developed for a group of horticulture organizations. GrowIt is the name that a big public relations firm for a somewhat similar concept. A specific goal of that effort is to grow undergraduate enrollment in plant sciences, so it makes some sense.

  3. Just thought I would add my 2 cents from Australia. How about –

    PlantNode.org ?

    The ‘Node’ also describes a communications network along with the plant contexts.

    I checked and it is available for $10.99

  4. I like Plantform.org or PLANTnet.org they sound fun and appealing. The last one is even more interesting because it sounds like planet (at least to me I directly think of our planet and life), includes the word plant and mention the connection.

  5. TheMeristem/TheMeriSTEM provides an opportunity to also emphasize STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) education in the name. STEM is well recognized by most people (good for marketing) and it would provide a touch point for younger students to realize that Plant Biology is a multi-discipline endeavour.

  6. I voted for a boring one: Plantscientists.org.

    I like the fun names; but the fun can come in individual scis profiles in the exchange/platform…the name ought to be easy to find for anyone and say what it is.

  7. I vote for Plantae.org . the word as some fellows pointed out is classy and well describing our community. it is also representing the heritage of plant scientist.

    • We agree – the name of our community is very important, and we believe that Plantae is inspiring as well as classy. We are working very hard right now to get it ready for our beta launch in September.


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