The Ecophysiology of Photosynthesis from the Leaf to Global Scale

Plant Biology 2018 Major Symposium IV

In this series, we profile the exciting major symposia slated for Plant Biology 2018. Check the Plant Biology 2018 website for updates on times and locations– and register now so you don’t miss any of these great talks!

Major Symposium IV: The Ecophysiology of Photosynthesis from the Leaf to Global Scale will be held Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 3:00–5:30 PM and is organized by Tom Sharkey of Michigan State University.

This symposium focuses on advances in photosynthesis research at the level of the leaf, plant, ecosystem, and Earth– the speakers will discuss how photosynthesis might be manipulated to better serve human needs for food, fuel, and fiber; the interplay between environmental change and photosynthesis; and how we can understand photosynthesis at ecosystem and global scale.

This symposium will feature:

  • Leaf: Improving Photosynthesis to Maximize Productivity, by Elizabete Carmo-Silva from Lancaster University.
  • Plant: Ecophysiology of Plant Response to Environmental Change Over Evolutionary Time Scales, by Joy Ward from the University of Kansas.
  • Ecosystem: Synthesis Scales using Global Databases, by Beverly Law, from Oregon State University
  • Global Scale: Quantifying Photosynthesis at Regional and Global Scales, by Joseph Berry from the Carnegie Institution for Science – Stanford.

Plant Biology 2018 will be held July 14–18, 2018 in Montréal. For Plant Biology 2018 updates, join the Plantae Network for ASPB conferences, follow #plantbio18 on Twitter, and keep an eye on the program at

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