Teaching Tools in Plant Biology articles and resources available on Plantae

Did you know that you can now access the Teaching Tools in Plant Biology articles on Plantae?

Teaching Tools in Plant Biology is a popular feature of The Plant Cell, but it’s also a little different than the usual Plant Cell content. Because of the way it is hosted on the journal website, it sometimes can be difficult to download Teaching Tools in Plant Biology articles. We wanted to place the content in a more user-friendly environment, which we have been able to create within Plantae.

One of our goals was to create a more intuitive and appealing home page for this series, in which topics are organized by theme rather than chronologically (see below).


Hosting Teaching Tools on Plantae also allows us to add Supplemental Resources to augment each of the Teaching Tools topics. Supplemental Resources include hands-on activities, articles in the popular press, videos and recent review articles. As much as possible, the Supplemental Resources are available without any subscriptions required. If you find or create a resource you’d like to share, post it in the Discussion site on each topic, or send me a link (mwilliams@aspb.org). Finally, the Teaching Tools Plantae pages provide a place for educators to discuss and share ideas and resources about the teaching of plant biology. Have a question about how to teach about photosynthesis or senescence? Why not ask your colleagues, the plant biology community.


There are two ways to access Teaching Tools in Plant Biology content on Plantae.

Anyone can register and join Plantae. Plantae membership provides you with access to the first six Teaching Tools in Plant Biology topics (marked with a green leaf on the home page) as well as the Supplemental Resources and Discussions for all of the Teaching Tools topics.

ASPB members have full access to all of the Teaching Tools in Plant Biology  content through the Plantae website, including the material available through the Plant Cell website.

We hope you find the new user interface appealing and the Supplemental Resources useful. We also hope you take advantage of this opportunity to share your ideas, insights and resources with others. Plant biology educators have to be creative to grab their students’ attention – how about sharing your good ideas?

Note: We are currently maintaining identical copies of the Teaching Tools in Plant Biology content on both the Plant Cell and Plantae sites; anyone with an institutional subscription to The Plant Cell or personal access to The Plant Cell as an ASPB member can continue to use the original home page for access to Teaching Tools in Plant Biology.

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