Registration is Open for ASPB’s Plant Biology 2021 Worldwide Summit!

The Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit, powered by the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB), will be a fully virtual conference that is taking place from July 19 to July 23, 2021. Building on the great success of last year’s first-ever fully virtual ASPB annual conference, which attracted over 2,600 plant scientists from 56 countries, the theme this year is FROM a global audience TO a global audience. The schedule will provide a rich mix of scientific content in plenary talks, concurrent symposia, virtual posters, professional development workshops, and a virtual exhibitor showcase, alongside exciting new opportunities for small-group networking, and social activities.


Among the plenary symposia this year:

  • Crop Productivity in a Changing World (Chair: Kris Niyogi) – This symposium will cover research into the factors that impact crop productivity and diverse approaches to increase and sustain productivity in a changing world.
  • RNA: The Long and Short of it (Chair: Xuemei Chen) – RNAs are versatile molecules that serve informational, structural, catalytic, regulatory, and signaling roles in cells. Mechanisms that generate, process, modify, utilize and degrade RNAs are central to nearly all biological processes. This session focuses on recent findings on novel functions of small regulatory RNAs and metabolic processes on long RNAs.
  • Applications of Robotics, Sensing, and AI to Plant Science (Chair: George Kantor) – This session will address new and emerging AI tools for plant science, with a particular emphasis on agricultural applications such as plant breeding and production management.


We are excited to bring you an even more expansive and diverse program of events this year, each of which will be designed to be accessible across multiple time zones. Like last year, all talks will be recorded for access on demand by registered participants. And childcare subsidies will be available on a competitive basis for ASPB members! (Not a member yet? See member benefits here.)



(early bird rates through June 19)


Here are some other highlights:

  • More scientific sessions and more workshops this year!
  • Discussion sessions with speakers following the plenary and concurrent symposia, as well as the poster sessions.
  • Greater accessibility through CART captioning services for all scientific sessions.
  • Pre-conference networking. Two weeks prior to the start of the conference, you will be able to access the meeting platform to build your profile and start making connections with attendees and speakers.
  • Customizable engagement opportunities. Each attendee will have their own video chat feature, so you will be able to set up one-on-one and small group discussions. Plan ahead to create your own coffee break time!
  • More topical hallway hangouts organized by the plant science community.
  • Interactive workshops so you can get your hands dirty in a variety of topics!


We can’t wait to share more about the conference as details get confirmed. Watch this space and register today!



Wayne Parrott, Chair, Program Committee Plant Biology 2021

Crispin Taylor, CEO, American Society of Plant Biologists

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