Plant Biology 2018 Speaker Spotlight Series – Diana Santelia

The spotlight is on Dr. Diana Santelia, Group Leader in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at the University of Zurich. Her talk is titled: Sugar transport to guard cells is required for stomatal opening and plant growth during concurrent symposium 21 on Monday morning.

1)     What are you most excited about during PlantBio18? 

DS: PlantBio18 will be a great event where scientists from all over the world will get together to discuss and share fantastic science, covering (almost) all fields of Plant Biology. I particularly look forward to interacting with young scientists and discover new brilliant minds, who will lead the field in the near future.

2)     Why should colleagues attend your concurrent session? 

DS: Simple: without stomata, there is no life

3)     Can you provide a teaser (no data, big picture) for your talk, a brief description that explains why colleagues should attend your talk? 

DS: My talk is going to be about the “sweet side of stomatal opening”: I will show how guard cells are dependent on the leaf mesophyll for their carbohydrates, supplied via the action of two essential plasma membrane hexose/proton symporters.

Don’t miss Dr. Santelia’s talk on during Concurrent Symposium 21 (CS-21-2) on Monday morning at 8:53am. Connect with Dr. Santelia before the meeting on Twitter: @DSantelia

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