Plant Biology 2016: Abstract deadline 25 January


Attending Plant Biology 2016? The conference starts in six months, but if you want your work to be considered for a minisymposium or lightning talk, you need to submit your abstract now (or by 25 Jan, EST). You can read more about the conference, including major symposia topics and speakers, and the countless networking opportunities and workshops here.

Submit your abstract here.

Need inspiration? Check out the abstract categories:

Abiotic: General
Abiotic: Light
Abiotic: Salt and Minerals
Abiotic: Temperature
Abiotic: Water

Applied: Biotechnology, Molecular Breeding
Applied: Plants and Human/Societal Health

Biochemistry and Metabolism
Biochemistry: BioEnergy
Biochemistry: Specialized Metabolites
Biochemistry: Transport

Biotic Interactions: Plant-Insect
Biotic Interactions: Plant-Microbe

Cell Biology: General
Cell Biology: Plastids and Other Organelles

Development: General
Development: Pollen Biology and Mating Systems
Development: General
Development: Transcriptional Networks
Development: Root Biology
Development: Seed and Fruit Biology
Development: Transcriptional Networks
Development: Pollen Biology and Mating Systems
Development: Space Biology

Education and Outreach
Education: Writing Effectively

Genes & Genomes: Bioinformatics

Genes & Genomes: Epigenetics

Genes & Genomes: Gene Regulation and Molecular Biology
Genes & Genomes: Genetics
Genes & Genomes: Genome Editing
Genes & Genomes: Molecular Evolution/Comparative Genomics

Hormone Biology

Signal Transduction

Systems, Synthetic, and Computational Biology

Whole-Plant: Climate Change
Whole-Plant: Environmental and Ecophysiological


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