Meet the ASPB President-Elect Candidates for 2020

Belonging to ASPB brings more than discounts for attending Plant Biology meetings or publishing in the Society’s journals. Our members form a community of dedicated individuals who, like you, work together to support and nurture an engaged, vibrant, and thriving community of plant scientists. By getting involved in ASPB and by voting in our elections, you will be helping to shape the future of the Society and the plant science community as a whole.

On Friday, June 19, 2020 we held a live, online “meet the candidates” event to get to know the candidates for ASPB president-elect, Katie Dehesh and Georg Jander. Before you vote, take some time to learn about the candidates for President-elect by participating in this live, online event, where you will be able to ask questions and learn more about the candidates’ plans for leading ASPB into the future.

If you have any additional questions, please comment below or email

ASPB’s elected officers represent your interests and priorities as members; they work for you.

Katayoon (Katie) Dahesh
Katayoon (Katie) Dehesh is Director of the Institute for Integrative Genome Biology and a distinguished professor in molecular biochemistry at UC Riverside.

Georg Jander
Georg Jander is a professor at the Boyce Thompson Institute in Ithaca, New York, with an adjunct appointment in the School of Integrative Plant Sciences at Cornell University

Al Meyers
Al Meyers is a postdoctoral research fellow in Ohio University’s Department of Environmental and Plant Biology. He is an ASPB Ambassador and currently the Vice-Chair of the Early Career Plant Scientist section of ASPB.
Voting will open on Friday, June 19 and close on Friday, July 10. More information on voting will be sent out soon.

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