Learn Plant Biology – It’s All in the Touch

Multi-sensory Explorations Imagine picking your favorite fruits and vegetables at the market – blindfolded! What about selecting one Golden Delicious apple from a truckload of 40,000 Red Delicious apples – again blindfolded! Might make you think how important one of our senses, sight, is to our everyday activities. That’s why lessons and activities in the … Read moreLearn Plant Biology – It’s All in the Touch

Berkeley, CA: It’s All in the Touch

It’s an All in the Touch Free for All for May 18 (& beyond) Dr. Peggy G. Lemaux and graphics expert Barbara Alonso grant free worldwide access to the new All in the Touch curriculum (grades 5-8).   This resource for plant biology provides many hands-on activities for exploring plant diversity, cell structure, function, and … Read moreBerkeley, CA: It’s All in the Touch