WikiConference USA: Watch Online

The Wiki Education Foundation was a proud sponsor of WikiConference USA 2015 (October 9-11) in Washington, D.C. at the National Archives. Wiki Edu invites faculty to teach content mastery, research, and writing skills by creating a course or assignment where students write or edit articles for Wikipedia. Wiki Edu offers a plethora of support to educators and students for this process. Read more about ASPB’s partnership with Wiki Edu at this post.

For those who couldn’t attend WikiConference, the talks held in the McGowan Theater were live-streamed by the National Archives and published on YouTube. Wiki Edu shared these links to education-themed talks:

  • “What Wikipedia Must Do,” presented by Andrew Lih, is a discussion of Wikipedia’s future. He also shared findings from his summer fellowship at the Wiki Education Foundation. (Watch)(1 hour).
  • “The Wiki Education Foundation in a Flash,” presented by Wiki Education Foundation staff. We offered a quick overview of Wiki Ed’s recent work and initiatives. (Watch)(30 minutes).
  • “Teaching Research and Critical Thinking Skills Through Wikipedia,” presented by Chanitra Bishop. Chanitra explores how to best incorporate Wikipedia into a student’s research. (Watch)(30 minutes).
  • “Here Comes (a Significant Fraction) of Everybody” presented by Wiki Ed’s Adam Hyland. Adam presents data on student editors as a subset of Wikipedia’s active contributors. (Watch)(30 minutes).

ASPB members are invited use the above resources and review the instructor support materials. Anyone interested in  transforming an assignment into a Wikipedia assignment, please email

~This post was created with significant input from Eryk Salvaggio’s October 13th post for Wiki Edu.

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