Advance Your Career at Plant Biology 2015

This year at Plant Biology 2015 in Minneapolis – we are organizing a variety of activities to help you navigate your career in plant science. These include: Career Workshops Job Opportunities Resume Review Career Coaching Panel Discussions Onsite Career Center Get your resume reviewed. Register for your time slot now! Volunteer to review resumes Participate in Career Chats to … Read more

Recognizing Our Authors: Baldwin, Bailey-Serres, and Boerjan

This post is part of the Recognizing our Authors series. Ian Baldwin The Plant Cell, Plant Physiology Ian Baldwin graduated with a PhD in chemical ecology from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, Section of Neurobiology and Behavior in 1989. He was an assistant (1989), associate (1993), and full professor (1996) in the Department of Biology … Read more

Berkeley, CA: It’s All in the Touch

It’s an All in the Touch Free for All for May 18 (& beyond) Dr. Peggy G. Lemaux and graphics expert Barbara Alonso grant free worldwide access to the new All in the Touch curriculum (grades 5-8).   This resource for plant biology provides many hands-on activities for exploring plant diversity, cell structure, function, and … Read more

2015 Women’s Young Investigator Travel Award Winner: Lucia Strader

We are pleased to announce that Lucia Strader has received one of our seven Women’s Young Investigator Travel Awards. Lucia Strader is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Washington University in St.Louis.  Her professional obligations include teaching, university service, and service to the greater scientific community.  At Washington University, she developed an inquiry-based … Read more

2015 Women’s Young Investigator Travel Award Winner: Aruna Kilaru

We are pleased to announce that Aruna Kilaru has received one of our seven Women’s Young Investigator Travel Awards. Aruna Kilaru is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at East Tennessee State University.  Aruna joined as a tenure­‐track assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at East Tennessee State University … Read more

2015 Women’s Young Investigator Travel Award Winner: Sowmya Subramanian

We are pleased to announce that Sowmya Subramanian has received one of seven Women’s Young Investigator Travel Awards. Sowmya Subramanian is currently an Associate Research Scientist at the New Mexico Consortium.  Sowmya’s research focuses on understanding and finding solutions to factors that affect photosynthetic productivity. Photosynthesis is a complex phenomenon with several kinetically slow processes in … Read more

FoPD Grows More Plant-tastic Events

Event coordinators around the world are making plans to celebrate and explore plants with their communities. Here’s what’s happening: US Events – inspiring ideas and coordinator’s contact information US Event Locations – an interactive map; find or add something where you live! General Information about Fascination of Plants Day International Events and Country Networks It’s … Read more

Frostburg, MD: 1st Grade & Tropisms

First grade students at Beall Elementary in Frostburg, MD – with the help of ASPB member David Puthoff – will investigate their fascination with plants by exploring whether bean plants set on their side or upside-down can re-orient themselves using light and gravity to grow in the correct direction again. Their first exploration is on … Read more

Feeding the Planet Summit 2015 #FoodFWD

Hosted by Planet Forward*, the 2015 Feeding the Planet Summit (April 23-24) offered cross-curricular options to help foster sustainable solutions for feeding 9.6 billion by 2050. Meeting Infographics feature key input and interactions from all participants. Topics include how research science, diversity breakthroughs, cross-cutting innovation, storytelling, and even parody (e.g. I’m Farming & I Grow … Read more

NJ Students to Play with Trees & Dance with Plants

On May 18th, Leeann Thornton will teach third graders in Hopewell, NJ about tree diversity with a drawing and identification game. She also will lead a Plants in Motion workshop where preschoolers in Pennington, NJ will watch some of the Plants in Motion movies and dance like the plants. For more information contact Leeann at … Read more

Recognizing Our Authors

At ASPB, we are privileged to publish the work of a range of authors whose scientific experience and academic leadership have helped establish our journals, Plant Physiology and The Plant Cell, as highly respected sources of knowledge for the advancement of plant science. In 2009, we analyzed citations to our journals for papers published between … Read more

Several Distinguished Plant Scientists Elected to National Academy of Sciences 2015 Class

We are pleased to announce that several distinguished plant scientists – most of them members of the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) – have been elected as members or foreign associates of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. Three members of the … Read more

SURF 2015: the next wave of undergraduate research

The 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program results are in! Congratulations  to all the students listed below. Also, kudos and thanks to each student’s dedicated SURF mentor. SURF AWARD RECIPIENTS Doctoral-Granting Institutions Kevin Bird, University of Missouri   Allison Butt, Worcester Polytechnic Institute   Hailey Cambra, Worcester Polytechnic Institute   Maxwell Choka, Queen’s University   … Read more

Oregon Farmers Marketing: growers + biologists = improved food crops

Patrons of the Corvallis and the Albany Farmers’ Markets will be invited to share their knowledge as growers or consumers and also to discuss with scientists why and how plant biology improves food crops. From flavor to sustainability, all stakeholders can meet at the booth set up by Jill Bushakra (USDA-ARS) to share ideas on … Read more

FOIAs Chilling a Scientific Dialog- Your Call to Communicate

One morning in early February I received an unusual email.  It was from my colleague here at University of Florida, Dr. David Oppenheimer.  It simply said, “FYI”, and was followed by a note from university General Counsel that email records were demanded back to 2012 under auspices of Florida Sunshine, or Freedom of Information Act … Read more

Eric Hamilton Awarded 2015 ASPB/AAAS Mass Media Fellowship

Eric Hamilton, from Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), has been awarded the 2015 ASPB/AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship. He will spend 10 weeks this summer training as a science journalist at the Milwaukee Journal- Sentinel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Eric is a PhD candidate in the Plant and Microbial Biosciences program at WUSTL, … Read more

We heard you: Naming the new online platform for the plant science community – Round Two

This past February, we asked for ideas to name the new online home for the plant science community (due to launch this summer) that we are building in partnership with the Global Plant Council. Our community’s creativity was amply demonstrated in the great ideas we received. We reduced the initial list to the most viable options … Read more

2015 Borlaug CAST Communication Award Winner: Dr. Channapatna S. Prakash

We are pleased to announce that our nominee, Channapatna Prakash of Tuskegee University, was named the 2015 Borlaug Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) Communication Award for outstanding efforts using his research and communication skills to promote food production. The announcement was made this morning at a National Press Club event in Washington, DC. Borlaug … Read more

ROOTOPOWER School Workshop: ‘Vegetables do not grow in the fridge’

On March 26th CEBAS-CSIC, the coordinating partner of the European Project ROOTOPOWER, organized an educational workshop in the Primary School ‘Maristas’, Murcia (Spain). With this activity, young students were able to put themselves in the shoes a scientist and learn how science can help to improve our lives. ROOTOPOWER (, a Knowledge Based Bio-Economy project … Read more