9 Ways To Use Social Media At #PlantBio18

Here are 10 ways to use social media to keep up-to-date, find and connect with others, and discuss your experiences during and after Plant Biology 2018

  1. Follow and tweet using #plantbio18 – tweet your experience, things you learn, and pictures of other events and activities. Make sure to follow @aspb and @plantae_org as well!
    5 days ago
    @StephlinaD I have been helping with ASPB meeting for a few years, big trick is have a set hashtag and advertise the smack out of it, start using it way in advance (I posted about #PlantBio19 at the end of #PlantBio18), RT and engage w/ others using hashtag
  2. Attend the Tweet Up during the opening reception (Saturday, 6:30 PM at the Plantae Pavilion) – Join us at the Tweet Up to meet people you only know by their handle! Meet new people in person and connect with them on Twitter. This will be a laid back meet and greet for those of us who enjoy typing frantically on our phones to send our thoughts to the Internet.
  3. Take a selfie at the Selfie Station – Visit the Plantae Pavilion, take a selfie and post it on Instagram or Twitter using #plantbio18. Win a prize for best selfie at the #plantbio18 Contest Awards and Celebration on Tuesday at 2pm in the Plantae Pavilion.
  4. Post photos on Twitter and Facebook of your friends and colleagues, along with other interesting event activities. Remember to tag your photo with #plantbio18.
  5. Document the progress of the Draw Your Science and the Question of the Day located near Membership Desk.
  6. Write blog posts about your experience: things you learned, themes of the event, people that inspired you, aha moments, intriguing research or anything else that you would like to share. Post it on your own blog or send it to our team.
  7. Share your conference video with Periscope, Instagram, Facebook Live or any other channel. Make sure you post your links to the hashtag so we can include you in our #plantbio18 feeds.
  8. Record your Pitch Your Science video (and participate in the contest): Share who you are and your research story with the world in 90 seconds by recording your elevator pitch and uploading it to YouTube with the hashtag #plantbio18. Deadline to submit is July 16, 2018 at 11:59 EST. Winners are selected Tuesday afternoon in the Plantae Pavilion.
  9. Join the Plant Biology 2018 network on Plantae and share your experiences, photos, video and other content. Continue the conversation during the meeting and afterwards.

#PlantBio18 Social Media Policy
And, of course, here’s the fine print – our social media policy in in place to ensure everyone has the best social media experience possible.

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